Sunday, May 10, 2009



by Helen Steiner Rice
A Mother's love is something
that no one can explain,
It is made of deep devotion
and of sacrifice and pain,
It is endless and unselfish
and enduring come what may
For nothing can destroy it
or take that love away . . .
It is patient and forgiving
when all others are forsaking,
And it never fails or falters
even though the heart is breaking . . .
It believes beyond believing
when the world around condemns,
And it glows with all the beauty
of the rarest, brightest gems . . .


I have this Lady friend
Whose Mother passed away
Moving to a better place
And, a peaceful day.
I know about the pain
That, she is going through
Because the loss of "Mom"
Is the saddest, that is true.
Sometimes, it is a blessing
When their "life" is in decline
Not, what it used to be
When, "everything" worked fine.
But still, it hurts so much
When Mother goes away
When you know you won't see
Her For, forever and a day.
But the memories will be there
And will help, to get you through
When, you're thinking of Mom
And, feeling kind of blue.


God gives us one Mother
There will never be another.
She's one of the few things in life
That can never be replaced
She's led us down those life's paths
That can never be retraced.
Too many take their Moms for granted
And think they'll always be around .
They don't know how She'll be missed
When, one day She's Heaven-bound.
Why we celebrate this special day
Only this one time a year?
When everyday our Mom is special
And we should tell Her, make that clear.
So, if you are a lucky one
Whose Mom is still with you
Tell her everyday you love her
For, that's the least that you can do.

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Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Had fun today!!! Happy Mother's Day to you!!