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Grandma's Family Tree
~Author Unknown~

They think that I should cook and clean,
and be a model wife.
I tell them it's more interesting
to study Grandpa's life.

They simply do not understand
why I hate to go to bed.
I'd rather do two hundred years
of research work instead.

Why waste the time we have on earth,
just snoring and asleep?
When we can learn of ancestors
that sailed upon the deep?

We have preachers, lawmen, soldiers,
more than just a few.
And yes, there's many scoundrels,
and a bootlegger or two.

How can a person find this life
an awful drudge or bore?
When we can live the lives
of all those folks who came before?

A hundred years from now of course,
no one will ever know,
whether I did laundry,
but they'll see our Tree and glow...

'Cause their dear old granny left for them,
for all posterity,
not clean hankies and the like,
but a finished family tree!

My home may be untidy,'
cause I've better things to do...
I'm checking all the records
to provide us with a clue.

Old great granny's pulling,
roots and branches out with glee,
her clothes ain't hanging out to dry,
she's hung up on the Tree!!!
Charles Franklin Bedell b. July 1855 d. before 1920. He and Jane had Edward Bedell3 b. June 1877. Jane's mother, Hannah Ellison Doty, is living with her on 1900 census. They were living on Bay View Avenue in the Village of Freeport, New York. Jane and Frank had been married 24 years and she had 3 children and 1 was living. Jannie DeMott born May 1889 listed as a niece is living with them on 1900, 1910 and 1920 census. On 1910 census Edward is still at home with his parents age 31 and single. Jane said she had 3 children and 1 was living. Frank's father Charles is also living with them. On 1920 census Frank and his father have both passed away. Son Edward is age 42, single and still living with his mom and his cousin Jannie E. DeMott.

Joseph Ellison2 m. abt 1887 Mary McElroy b. May 1864 Ireland. They had:
Anne Ellison3 b. nov. 1888--Francis Joseph Ellison3 b. June 30, 1890--Caroline Ellison3 b. Nov. 1893.
My husband's family decends from the Ellison's that were in Hempstead in 1673. See list below. I have been able to connect him to Charles Ellison1 b. c. 1818 and Hannah ? b. c. 1828.
Their children were: Charles H. Ellison b. Feb. 1841 d. before 1920--Samuel B. Ellison b. March 1849--Margaret Ellison b. c. 1850--Maria Ellison b. c. 1852--Ann Ellison b. c. 1854--George Ellison b. August 1855--Mary Ellison b. c. 1858--Jane Ellison b. August 1859--Joseph Ellison b. June 1862.

Charles H. Ellison2 married abt 1864 Maria ? b. September 1840.
They had four sons: Smith Ellison3 b. April 1865, Charles H. Ellison b. August 1867, Elbert B. Ellison b. December 25, 1876, William Ellison b. March 22, 1879.

Samuel B. Ellison2 married about 1886 unknown d. before 1900. They had Maude Ellison b. January 1887.

George Ellison2 married abt 1877 Anna E. Nutz b. March 1857 d. before 1920. They had:
Charles Augustus Ellison b. Oct. 12, 1878--Nellie M. Ellison b. May 1881--Mary Frances Ellison b. Dec. 1887--Martha Amelia Ellison b. Feb. 1891--George Ellison b. May 9, 1892--Emily M. Ellison b. Feb. 1898.

Jane Ellison2 married Charles Franklin Bedell

In the bold print are my husband's direct ancestors that were in The Town of Hempstead in 1673. The Bedell's are his maternal side and the Ellison's his fraternal side. Along the way the Smith's, Valentines, Carman's and the Gildersleeve's married into the Ellison family.

John -------- John Hobbs Jan Roelossen John Smith Blew John Langd
Elbert Hubssen Richard Geldersley, Senr Jonathan Semmes Lewis Noit ------ ------- John Bordes John Ellison, jun Vrolphert Jacobs Robbard Marisseu Thomas Seabrook Jan Carman Mos Hemmery Samuel Jackson John Symons, jun John Beets carpenter John Pine Robert Jackson Samuel Embry Peter Jansen Symon Tory Matthew Beedel William Ware John Smith Matthew Beedel Comes Solomon Semmar Peter janse Schol ThoEllison mas Teunis Smith Richard Gildersly Philip David Richard Valentin jun Robbert Beedill ----------- Hopkins Joseph Wood George Hallet -------------- ----------- Herman Flouwer Samuel Allen Adam View William Dose Richard Valentyn Edward Titus Symon Foster Kaleb Carman Richard Ellison Henry Mott John Williams John Seavin Wm Fourmer Thomas Richmore Thomas Teasey Joseph Small John Ellesson Thomas Ireland Walter Pine Edward Spry Thomas Ellison Josia Carman William Osborne Joseph Gem John Peacock Edward Remson Thomas Champion John Quakerson John fossaker Joseph Pettet Thomas Daniels John Sorram Richard Fotter John Napper James Payne John Bedell Richard Osborn William Fixton Thomas Southward George Robbert Samuel Denton John Beates Charles Abram Robberd Hobbs Calvet Goullet Thomas Appelbe Thomas Sodderd Christoffel Yeomans Samuel Smith John Smith jun John woully ----------- Persell Joseph Williams Edward Banbury Adam Mott Junr Ralph Haal Thomas Gowes Sameul Jackson Daniel Beedell John Mavein Joseph Truax John Jackson Wm Thorne Joseph Hoyt & Jonathan Smith Joshua Watske Nine others whose names are lost.
Source: "Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York," by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan, 1860.
O'Callaghan, E. B., The Documentary History of the State of New York, Vol. 1, (Albany: Weed, Parsons & Co., Public Printers, 1850) pp. 427-428.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

COMBS &c. Families of Hempstead, Queens-Nassau Cos, NY: " Apr 1740 -21 Aug 1740. Hempstead Records 3:228. Deed. Richard ELLISON Sr. to Richard ELLISON, Jr., both of Hempstead, land in Hempstead. Witnesses: John COMES, by mark, and Peter TITUS Jr.; both grantor and grantee lived in Hempstead. acknowledged 21 Aug 1740; no date of recording. (GDAC, 1925).
Notes: This 1740 record is the first Hempstead Record of a John COMBS presented by GDAC since the 1706 deed, a full 34 years later. Note, however, that on 1716, John COMBS and wife Elizabeth of Freehold, Monmouth Co, NJ, deeded land in Freehold to Richard ELLISON of Hempstead Twp. Is this John COMBS I (Richard1) returned to Hempstead, or perhaps his son? (GDAC is confusing in this regard). Is Richard ELLISON, Sr. the same who was deeded land by John in 1716 in Freehold, Monmouth Co, NJ?"
COMBS &c. Families of Hempstead, Queens-Nassau Cos, NY: "31 Jul 1716 NJ Deeds. John COMBS (and wife Elizabeth) of Freehold [Monmouth Co, NJ] to Richard SLLIFON (SLLISON, ELLISON) of Hempstead Twp, Long Island for L50, 96 acres land purchased from John EMMONS on 4 May 1716, originally owned by Nathaniel SLOCUM. Witnesses: John REID & Wm. MADOCK. Memorandum attached verifies (proves) the deed dated Jan 23, 1732, Wm. MADOCK's testimony. (Combs Researcher Kate C. DiBlassio)
Notes: This was likely John COMBS I, s/o Richard I. No record is found of him after 1706 in Hempstead (the next record of a John not being until 1740 (which is also a record with a Richard ELLISON!), and he appears to have removed to Monmouth where he disappears from that county's records after Oct 1727. Also note that the 15 year delay in proving this deed may have come about as the result of John having either removed from Monmouth or died. Also note the Richard ELLISON of 1769 Hempstead (below) was a Quaker."