Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thomas MacEntee of posted a quick referance sheet on how to properly cite your sources. I highly recommend you go to his site and download his paper. Citing your sources is very important.
The main components of a citation are the author, title, publisher and page number or numbers of a source. Always cite your source as soon as you can. Waiting till later sometimes means you might not find it again. It is even a good idea to put the date you found the source.

I hope the information I have found from databases, books, court papers, and even cemeteries will help others researching the same family line. I hope they may contact me and we may fill in the missing pieces together. I do try to verify what ever evidence I present but mistakes can be made. Please feel free to contact me if you find I have made one.

I have been using the program Family Tree Maker 2003 edition. I like the program very much and would recommend it to any new genealogist. It has all your information in one quick easy to retrieve place. It has a scrapbook, a place for notes, facts, addresses, lineage and any medical information you may have.

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