Sunday, July 30, 2006

Grandma's Family Tree
~Author Unknown~

They think that I should cook and clean,
and be a model wife.
I tell them it's more interesting
to study Grandpa's life.

They simply do not understand
why I hate to go to bed.
I'd rather do two hundred years
of research work instead.

Why waste the time we have on earth,
just snoring and asleep?
When we can learn of ancestors
that sailed upon the deep?

We have preachers, lawmen, soldiers,
more than just a few.
And yes, there's many scoundrels,
and a bootlegger or two.

How can a person find this life
an awful drudge or bore?
When we can live the lives
of all those folks who came before?

A hundred years from now of course,
no one will ever know,
whether I did laundry,
but they'll see our Tree and glow...

'Cause their dear old granny left for them,
for all posterity,
not clean hankies and the like,
but a finished family tree!

My home may be untidy,'
cause I've better things to do...
I'm checking all the records
to provide us with a clue.

Old great granny's pulling,
roots and branches out with glee,
her clothes ain't hanging out to dry,
she's hung up on the Tree!!!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the poem